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The iconic 1970s Alpine sports car meets the world of 3D printing!

For over 4 years, the company "Phenix Retro Concept" and the "Alpines Auto Racing" workshop (specialized in restoring Alpines, Renault group cars) have been employing industrial processes like casting and resin molding, now integrated with additive manufacturing, to craft components for vintage vehicles through reverse engineering.

A 3D-printed propeller is towing a 2-ton boat!

The company CamGau, situated in the port of Nice, has developed the E-Safran, an electric propulsion system tailored for "pointus" and other traditional Marseille boats. Numerous components, including the propeller, have been 3D-printed using Volumic 3D printers for this innovation.

Repairing gas leaks in power plants demonstrated through 3D printing!

3X engineering uses 3D printing to create tools for applying products and repairing pressurized leaks, as well as for prototyping objects for presentations at exhibitions and producing small batches of tools.

Travelers' luggage securely transported throughout the airport with the help of 3D printing!

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport 3D prints components that are used in their daily operations, such as luggage diverters and radio supports for firefighting intervention vehicles.

Automation made possible by 3D printing results in saving 125 hours of work per year.

Cerballiance Côte d’Azur laboratories have developed an interface for integrating automation within the laboratories.

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