3D printing is advancing quickly,
don't let yourself fall behind.

Customized plans tailored to your skill level and needs.
Volumic has implemented official OPCA-approved training programs to educate you and monitor your progress
in the best conditions. Become an expert in 3D printing and master an FDM 3D printer.

Training program

(Recommended over 2 days)

  • Master the use of a 3D printer
  • Master the Simplify 3D software
  • Know how to print classic materials
  • Know how to print technical materials
  • Perform advanced maintenance on a 3D printer
  • Be able to detect and correct incidents
  • Acquire autonomy of use
  • Understanding the 3D printing ecosystem
  • Knowing the 3D printing market
  • Keeping an eye on technology


  • Classroom and manufacturing room
  • Self-service Volumic 3D printers
  • FDM materials available
  • Computers equipped with SIMPLIFY3D software
  • From 1 to 3 expert trainers


  • Anyone who wants to master a 3D printer
  • No prerequisite required

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Volumic's team is ready to assist you.

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