The 3D revolution is in progress, let's move forward together!
Described by The Economist as the 3rd industrial revolution, 3D printing is now part of the global landscape, adopted by the largest companies.

Our story


Founded in 2013 and specialized in the development and manufacturing of 3D printers.

Made in France

A trained engineering team in France,
paired with after-sales service based in France.

Quality commitment

A commitment to quality and responsiveness to its customers and partners on a daily basis.

Performance commitment

A range of high performance printers adapted to all types of companies and sectors of activity.

Volumic was created by 2 passionate co-founders: Gérard Luppino and Stéphane Malaussena with more than 30 years of experience in 3D visualization and engineering.

Volumic is a team of 20 collaborators developing innovative 3D printing processes with a pragmatic market approach to 3D printing, focused on real business needs

VOLUMIC 3D is a real innovation and creativity gas pedal within companies.


Transforming manufacturing companies through 3D innovation
to switch to a greener, more competitive, more efficient industry.

Committed and responsible

Innovation and quality

Designed for intensive, professional, and industrial use, our 3D printers are certified and protected, ensuring the quality of an offering co-constructed with and for users.

Acteur engagé
et responsable

Compatible with all bio-sourced, biodegradable, and recyclable materials, Volumic printers are eco-constructed using aluminum and recycled materials, resulting in minimal electricity consumption. They are repairable and upgradeable to prevent planned obsolescence.

A privileged customer

Our teams are responsive and stand by our customers; interactions with our after-sales service occur in real-time. Your satisfaction is our priority.



The excellence of 3D printers

Up to three times faster than other machines on the market, with an accuracy of up to 6 microns and high repeatability, Stream 3D printers are a step ahead of the competition.

They also offer the greatest compatibility of materials with more than 60 printable materials. These are biosourced, biodegradable and recyclable, flexible and resistant, technical and exotic.

Adopting Volumic 3D printers means adopting our innovations to serve your innovations.


The factory of the future for everyone.

Stream 3D printers are part of these new manufacturing tools that open the doors to the industry of the future by allowing small businesses as well as large corporations to free themselves from the limits of the past.

In order to fully understand the potential of our offer, certification training courses for discovery, use and improvement are offered.

And to think bigger, La Ferme 3D x Volumic, a laboratory of ideas and the factory of the future, has 45 high-performance 3D printers to meet the demand for quantity. In 7 years, 1 million objects have been printed.


A technological know-how

Volumic has an integrated Research and Development department led by a team of people passionate about additive manufacturing and the field of possibilities it opens up.

Headed by one of the two co-founders, the R&D unit delivers new products every year, registers patents and undertakes new certifications.

With a strong relationship with its customers and major market players, the company is looking to the longer term to develop new models of 3D printers, accompanied by innovation in materials and performance.


  • More than 2200 equipped sites in France
  • More than 200 key accounts
  • A recognized brand in design
    and machine manufacturing for 8 years



Surrounding itself with actors of excellence located throughout the territory, such as material manufacturers, research centers, printer farms or solution providers.

Volumic has established an incomparable value chain around additive manufacturing in France: a real added value for its customers.



Volumic can boast of numerous labels and awards, proof of the seriousness and quality of its offer.

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