28 September 2017

Conclusive experiments at Bordeaux University Hospital using a Volumic 3D printer

3D printing of heart valves and structures for high-fidelity simulations for teaching and surgery preparation purposes.

Since summer 2016, the Bordeaux University Hospital has been conducting experiments on a Stream 30 to understand the added value that a professional 3D printer could bring to everyday hospital applications.

They began their experiments by digitizing valves intended for 3D printing.

In a second phase, they chose to combine the information provided by CT and echocardiography to model and print more complete cardiac structures, which they now use for high-fidelity simulation applications for teaching and procedure preparation. They have thus created real phantoms dedicated to 3D TEE training.

More recently, they have extended the field of application to congenital heart surgery.

They were able to simulate the implantation of a melody valve in the mitral position in a baby operated on 3 times for a complete atrio ventricular canal with major residual leak and refractory heart failure.

The aim of 3D printing was to assess the position of the valve in relation to the left ventricular outflow tract, and to judge the risk of creating an obstacle to left ventricular ejection.

The results of these experiments, in partnership with Volumic, were presented in mid-June 2017 by Professor Lafitte and his team at the Paris Echo congress (Palais des Congrès de Paris) and aroused great interest among congress attendees.

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