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The broadest material compatibility on the market, with over 80 printable materials and more than 400 possible color variations.

Limitless materials

3D printers for SMEs, 3D printers for small businesses, 3D printers for design offices, 3D printers for architects, 3D printers for design studios, 3D printers for aeronautics, 3D printers for schools, 3D printers for businesses, 3D printers for spare parts, etc… of professional quality, accessible, efficient and reliable
Foremost, Volumic's top priority has always been to create dependable machines you can trust. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we've selected materials that are not only reliable but also adaptive, ensuring optimal performance over time. Every printer is meticulously calibrated, tested, and supplied complete with its user-friendly software suite. Our commitment to warranty and ongoing support underscores our dedication, with proficient technicians always at your disposal to address your inquiries.

The applications for our printers are incredibly diverse, encompassing rapid prototyping, crafting decorative items, designing games and toys, producing costume jewelry, and actualizing various other creative endeavors. architectural models, as well as model parts, mechanical components, replacement parts, art pieces, one-of-a-kind objects, small-scale production of items, and much more.

Our 3D printers enable you to produce objects using over 60 distinct materials, offering precision and speed that rank among the finest in the market.

Crafted with meticulous precision and a systematic approach, Stream 3D printers are engineered for seamless daily operation, devoid of any unwelcome surprises, courtesy of their design founded upon tried-and-true, dependable components.

Delivered fully assembled and pre-calibrated, accompanied by their software suite, you'll be able to initiate your inaugural 3D print shortly after unboxing. This is made possible through the inclusion of test objects on the memory card.

Designed and produced in France, we provide comprehensive support and after-sales service throughout and beyond the warranty duration. To deliver optimal assistance, your printer can be collected within 24 hours and returned within 72 hours for basic maintenance.

3D printing is an emerging technology accessible to a broad spectrum of users. However, our team of dedicated enthusiasts brings over 15 years of experience in the realm of 3D design.

The colors of the Stream series can be personalized to match your company's branding, ensuring alignment with your establishment's visual identity.

Eliminate uncertainty from your investments; Volumic presents upgrade kits that enable the evolution of your Stream printers. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about this innovative service.

Complete compatibility with your 3D CAD/CAM software. Our software seamlessly imports STL, STEP, 3DS, OBJ formats from major 3D programs such as SolidWorks, Catia, 3Dsmax, Blender, Sketchup, Cinema4D, and more.

Our 3D printers are self-sufficient, capable of functioning and printing independently without the need for a computer connection. This convenience is facilitated by the presence of a memory card housing your 3D files. Furthermore, the USB connection permits direct control from a computer if desired.

Above all, our printers are meticulously designed and meticulously manufactured in France, infused with both passion and precision. Elevating quality remains our paramount concern.

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