STREAM 30 Ultra SC2

(3D printers)

From 5990,00 €ht

7188,00 €TTC

Key points:


Printing resolution : from 10 to 300µ (0,4mm nozzle)


Print head. interchangeable


Optional cover: Enclosure Closed


Filament :1.75mm​


Color Touch Screen


Multi Materials

Ref : VS30SC2
Printing volume : 300x200x310mm (18600cm3)
Number of extruders : 1
Type of filament : 1.75mm
Head/Plate Temperature : 420°C/160°C
Precision X/Y : 15µ
Precision Z :
Original nozzle : 0.40mm (copper / nickel)
Weight : 35Kg


The Volumic performance and endurance concentrate

Our iconic Ultra Supercharged model gets even better for heavy-duty industrial use without losing performance.

A durable professional 3D printer

A perfect printer to assert itself in the world of professional 3D printing. It is the 3rd generation of the historical Volumic range, already proven and recognized for many years. The Stream 30 ultra SC2 is a durable printer that will allow you to make beautiful, fast and quality 3D prints.

Even better print quality and accuracy

The Stream 30 ultra SC2 benefits from our new third generation print head which brings even more fluidity, material compatibility and performance to your prints.

The Stream 30 ultra SC2 offers X and Y print resolutions of 15 microns and a 1 micron pitch on Z.

The printer is delivered with a 0.4mm nickel-plated copper nozzle and it is also compatible with nozzles from 0.15 to 1.0 mm, in hardened steel or stainless steel. The printing plate is calibrated without tools with a guided procedure on the screen

The linear motion is provided by tripled 10 mm chrome-plated ground shafts and high quality ball bushings.

The SC2 now features a new machined aluminum extruder and compressor body.

A stamina that can't be beat

This latest evolution of our Ultra Supercharged model has benefited from all the latest developments and feedback from our customers in order to increase its robustness, endurance and reliability in printing.

The cable passages and movements have been optimized and reinforced. Its new head is even more durable and removable without tools. All the elements of the machine have been designed for intensive use both professionally and industrially with 3D printers that can work H24 for long periods without failing.

Even more compatible materials

This state-of-the-art printer is compatible with over 60 materials.

The Stream 30 ultra SC2 is compatible with 1.75mm diameter filaments and the plate can be adjusted without tools.

This compatibility with a large number of materials allows you to realize all your projects with the same printer and also allows you to experiment with new materials as you wish.

Thanks to its Simplify3D software (optional) the supports can be placed manually and printed in the same material for easy removal. 

Print speeds always above the rest

The Stream 30 ultra SC2 professional 3D printer has an extruder capable of reaching 420°C, as well as a fast aluminum heating plate up to 160°C, and a magnetic glass ceramic printing surface. La vitesse en impression peut aller jusqu’à 300mm/s.

This professional 3D printer has custom-designed,high-powered precision stepper motors.

To allow the best possible printing quality, Volumic has equipped its printers with high performance belts on aluminum pulleys, an ultra fast heating head, a door opening detector (with lock) as well as an adjustable sensitivity filament end detector.

2 years warranty

Thanks to our proximity to our customers and the continuous improvement of our equipment, our MK2 models are the only 3d printers with a 2-year parts and labor warranty*.


A Comfort of use reinforced

– Profiles already established for all major materials and filaments on the market.
– Large color touch screen control for one-touch access to key actions.
– End of filament detection to save your prints when your spool has reached the end.
– Filter hood to work with a closed and filtered enclosure (optional).

Scalable and customizable

Our 3D printers, thanks to their open and evolving technical architecture, allow you to regularly upgrade to the next model of the same range through kits or upgrade packages.

These evolutions are available via a complete update of the machine or by partial updates according to your needs/budgets. You save on the purchase of the complete new machine.


A VOLUMIC 3D printer is the guarantee of a professional, scalable and personalized material.

In fact, not only are our machines designed as real machine tools but, thanks to our proximity to our customers, they are also in constant evolution on the pragmatic basis of our customers’ needs and not according to theoretical marketing objectives.

This guarantees you machines that are as close as possible to your needs, with high-level performance and unanimously recognized reliability.

1,500 Companies

In a few years, thanks to the quality of its service and its products, Volumic has conquered design offices, production workshops, research centers and education.

It is with the same passionate expertise that we accompany daily all these French or European actors in the development of 3D technology within their establishments.

made in france

French Fab Ambassador French manufacturing

At the heart of the French Fab movement, Volumic promotes know-how combined with high quality French design and manufacturing.

So, when you buy a Volumic, you know that you are investing in a French chain of excellence that goes from procurement, through design/manufacturing to after-sales service located directly in our workshops in Nice, Southern Region.

A complete software suite

Our machines are compatible with all CAD/CAM software on the market such as: SolidWorks, Catia, Topsolid, Rhino, 3dsmax, Sketchup, etc…

Included with the machine are the Repetier Suite with Cura, Simplify3D (optional), Colorify, Verify3D, Volunet as well as print profiles for all major materials that can be printed in filament form today.


Dimensions of the machine
Height: 500 mm
Width: 540 mm
Depth: 480 mm

35 Kg

Front door with lock + opening detection

Stop button on front panel
Locking of the enclosure by key
Lock screen with password

USB + SD + Ethernet

Control screen
7-inch capacitive touchscreen

Dimensions of the working volumes
Height: 310 mm
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 200 mm

Printing surface
Ceramic glass top with magnetic fastening

Work volume
18,6 L

Copper nickel material (stainless steel option,…)
Original diameter 0,4 mm
Accuracy : from 0,15 to 0,35 mm
Speed : from 0.6 to 1.0 mm

X and Y axes: 15 microns
Z axis: 1 micron

1 extruder with filament end sensor
Overheating protection
Anti-Overall Disaster
Body + extruder in machined aluminum

Extruder : 420°C
Bed : 160°C

Simplify 3D (optional)
Verify 3D
Colorify 3D

Heating time head
200° : 1:45 min
300° : 3:30 min

2 years
Transportation: 1 year

Materials: 60 (not exhaustive)




Nylon, PC, PP, PPCF, PPT, PP5, ABS kevlar, ABS alumine,
PA 6, PA 12, PA 6 fiberglass, Armadillo (kevlar),
ESD (Conductive), PETg carbon, Medical class VI, Antibacterial, PLC, ASA, PHA, Ice,


Filter cover Optional (recommended)
Filters gases, particles,…

Magnetic glass-ceramic heater
(compatible flexible, alu, pei…)
Semi-automatic assisted calibration

Color-coded visual alerts: red, green, blue

Compatible with all Volumic workstations

Chamber temperature (with filter cover)
Passive heating of up to 60°C during printing

Predictive maintenance: on screen (maintenance advice)

Box with machine
USB cable and power supply
3D Lacquer
Precision cutter
Cutting pliers
Flat wrench 7
Unclogging needles
Safety gloves
Peeling spatula
Complete dematerialized documentation in French
SD card with software and examples (.stl .gcode, …)
USB SD card reader
PLA Ultra Coil
Central reel

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