A 3D printer made in France
15 March 2014

A 3D printer made in France

The Stream 20 is the first 3D printer designed and assembled in France, on the Côte d'Azur, and more specifically in Nice, between Cannes and Monaco, the Volumic 3D brand was launched in July 2013 by Géméa Interactive. Specialized in the creation of computer-generated images for over 10 years, the arrival of 3D printing is the logical and revolutionary extension of years of study and perfecting 3D creation.

Being able to think in 3D and 3D print your own objects is a totally revolutionary concept, and even if today 3D printing seems like a new, attractive, even intriguing idea to everyone, everyone will quickly find a particular interest in it, if not their own.

3D printing of spare parts, decorative objects, toys, prototypes, jewelry.... It's a whole new world open to creative people, companies and entrepreneurs.

The Stream 20 is based on open-source technology, guaranteeing high scalability, access to a wide range of spare parts, and a large catalog of available filaments ranging from Plastic PLA to Wood and Stone (Sandstone) filaments.

Out of curiosity or passion, join the 3D revolution that's underway.

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