Series production

Produce a few dozen to several thousand copies in-house.

Thanks to 3D printing, the Dior Gallery enhances its legendary address.

DIOR reopens the doors of its iconic Montaigne Avenue location after more than 2 and a half years of renovation work. The 2,000-square-meter gallery, tracing the history of the house of Christian Dior, connects the present and future of this luxury powerhouse.

Innovation serving the environment!

MC-Clic, an expert in drone design, has developed revolutionary drones for the Principality of Monaco, consisting of 80% 3D-printed components. These drones are designed to eradicate palm weevils, as per the request.

The essential tool for archers' training made possible through 3D printing!

The Jérôme Trouillet workshop optimizes, prints, and sells customized "ElasTrainers" (educational handles created by Ludovic Cabar) with personalized palettes and grips (including the name, logo, color, etc.) to enhance the connection between the archer and the bow.

3D printing: an alternative to plastic injection molding!

EMM Corporation offers its clients the opportunity to 3D print small batches of parts (10 to 200 pieces), thereby circumventing the expensive process of creating a plastic injection mold.

Tooling is now being done through 3D printing!

Mr. Riffaut, Methods / Maintenance / Continuous Improvement Manager at Bernadet, shares his experience with 3D printing:

Prosthetics, orthopedics, medical applications—3D printing is everywhere!

Very impressive use cases of 3D printing in the medical field for orthopedic devices with the company M Orthopédie.

The French National Gendarmerie employs 3D printing to solve crimes!

VOLUMIC is immensely proud, as a French manufacturer, to provide equipment to national protection and defense services. Today, various units within the gendarmerie utilize 3D printing to drive innovation in their work. Every day, the laboratories of the French Gendarmerie's Institute of Criminal Research (IRCGN) develop innovative devices to save precious time during genetic analysis.

Children's dreams fulfilled through 3D printing!

The wildest toys that emerge from children's imagination are modeled and 3D printed for them by Mr. Fournier Montgieux.

A mosquito repellent device simplified through 3D printing!

For its mosquito repellent stations, Qista employs 3D printing to produce a small technical component with a complex structure.

The development of innovative materials is taking on new dimensions with 3D printing!

Corextrusion is a laboratory that leverages 3D printing to develop innovative and customized materials based on the specific needs of its clients.

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