Let your imagination run wild to bring your creations to life.

Thanks to 3D printing, the Dior Gallery enhances its legendary address.

DIOR reopens the doors of its iconic Montaigne Avenue location after more than 2 and a half years of renovation work. The 2,000-square-meter gallery, tracing the history of the house of Christian Dior, connects the present and future of this luxury powerhouse.

The essential tool for archers' training made possible through 3D printing!

The Jérôme Trouillet workshop optimizes, prints, and sells customized "ElasTrainers" (educational handles created by Ludovic Cabar) with personalized palettes and grips (including the name, logo, color, etc.) to enhance the connection between the archer and the bow.

Children's dreams fulfilled through 3D printing!

The wildest toys that emerge from children's imagination are modeled and 3D printed for them by Mr. Fournier Montgieux.

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