31 March 2017


Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer le lancement de notre nouvelle Gamme STREAM 20/30 MK2 en remplacement des 2 modèles actuels: STREAM 20 Pro et STREAM 30 Pro.

With new features and benefits:

:: Color touchscreen

:: New features (print time, power and filament consumption, etc.)

:: Interchangeable print head with quick heat-up.

:: New, simplified plateau calibration procedure ("step-by-step" mode, screen-assisted and tool-free).

:: New ultra-fast start-up printing profiles (e.g. PLA : 1 min / ABS : 2 Min ).

:: More precision and speed in printing (new belts and high-torque motors)

:: New ball-bearing reel with quick-release fastener.

:: New side feeder [OPTIONAL ]

:: Parts and labor warranty extended to 2 years

:: Enclosure kit with Plexiglas cover and particulate filter [OPTIONAL ]

:: Stream 20pro and 30pro upgrade options [ ON QUOTATION ]

:: Door lock option [OPTIONAL ]

:: Identical selling price [ EXCLUDING OPTIONS ].

To be discovered urgently
in our printers section

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