2024 VOEUX
15 January 2024

Welcome to 2024!

A year marked by E L E V A T I O N, to see further and surpass ourselves.

We firmly believe in the saying that the journey should be as important as the destination!

We will be more than ever by your side, to boost your innovation, your potential and your growth.

Together, let's raise the standards of themade in France industry and let's make this new year a memorable one.

Count on us to continue to revolutionize your everyday life in 2024.


The VOLUMIC 3D team.

We are thrilled to announce three major new products for this fall 2024: 2 3D printers accompanied...
We are thrilled to announce that the Volumic team will be present once again at the 3D Print Exhibition in Lyon...
Découvrez notre nouveau filament : Le PLA effet métallique ! Avec le PLA SILK ULTRA, donnez à vos pièces des...
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