It is thanks to the skills of the FERME 3D and the innovations of the ARLES ANTIQUE MUSEUM that this crazy project could be born.

Dating back more than 2000 years, the oldest sculpture of Julius Caesar was discovered in 2007. This archaeological treasure has been scanned in 3D for the first time and in very high definition in order to obtain the best possible accuracy and the greatest respect of the original model.

Based on this source, 3D prints were made on a VOLUMIC STREAM 30Pro in different materials such as BRONZE, PLA ULTRA and even GOLDEN FIRE finished bronze.

The FERME 3D wishes to enhance the value of this French and international cultural heritage by developing reproductions based on several innovative materials and, above all, by offering maximum quality, which is difficult to achieve using more traditional methods.

“We 3D printed the bust of Julius Caesar in 80% bronzefilled filament which we then treated by adding corrosion and improving its appearance (sandblasting, polishing, sanding, patina).

This feat was made possible by the availability of the HD file produced by the Musée Départemental d’Arles Antique, advanced 3D printing techniques and the arrival of new materials such as bronze-filled filament. Il y a encore 6 mois c’était encore impensable car ces 3 conditions nécessaires n’étaient pas encore réunies.”

These reproductions, some of which can weigh more than 4 kilos, are all available in the museum store. These reproductions, which can go for some They thus open wide the door to 3D printing in the fields of Art and Heritage preservation.

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