Create complex, functional and innovative objects.

3D printing is revolutionizing marine research at Mines ParisTech for the Ocean!

3D printing serving marine research:
Mines ParisTech is pioneering in the field of marine research through the use of Volumic 3D printers. Second-year students have developed impressive Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) named Léon(poldine), Victor, Eugène, and soon a fourth one: César. These robots are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to map the ocean floor, collect samples, and study underwater biodiversity.

The iconic 1970s Alpine sports car meets the world of 3D printing!

For over 4 years, the company "Phenix Retro Concept" and the "Alpines Auto Racing" workshop (specialized in restoring Alpines, Renault group cars) have been employing industrial processes like casting and resin molding, now integrated with additive manufacturing, to craft components for vintage vehicles through reverse engineering.

Innovation serving the environment!

MC-Clic, an expert in drone design, has developed revolutionary drones for the Principality of Monaco, consisting of 80% 3D-printed components. These drones are designed to eradicate palm weevils, as per the request.

A 3D-printed propeller is towing a 2-ton boat!

The company CamGau, situated in the port of Nice, has developed the E-Safran, an electric propulsion system tailored for "pointus" and other traditional Marseille boats. Numerous components, including the propeller, have been 3D-printed using Volumic 3D printers for this innovation.

The essential tool for archers' training made possible through 3D printing!

The Jérôme Trouillet workshop optimizes, prints, and sells customized "ElasTrainers" (educational handles created by Ludovic Cabar) with personalized palettes and grips (including the name, logo, color, etc.) to enhance the connection between the archer and the bow.

3D printing: an alternative to plastic injection molding!

EMM Corporation offers its clients the opportunity to 3D print small batches of parts (10 to 200 pieces), thereby circumventing the expensive process of creating a plastic injection mold.

3D printing takes flight!

The renowned French military fighter aircraft, the Rafale, has been faithfully replicated at a 1/6 scale by the ASA company.

The STELLANTIS (PSA) Group relies on Volumic 3D printers.

For approximately 3 years, the French manufacturer of 3D printers Volumic has been working closely with the PSA Group for the production of parts, including functional prototypes, tooling, and finished components.

The development of innovative materials is taking on new dimensions with 3D printing!

Corextrusion is a laboratory that leverages 3D printing to develop innovative and customized materials based on the specific needs of its clients.

A propeller for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge powered by 3D printing!

Our partner, La Ferme 3D, participated in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge as a partner of the MINES ParisTech - École des Mines de Paris team.

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