4 October 2018

PROTOTYPING: PLA ULTRA, the ultimate material

Smooth appearance with no visible layers, higher mechanical strength, very fast printing speeds and it happens to be a biodegradable material; has ULTRA NATURAL PLA become the "5-legged sheep" of 3D FDM prototyping and modeling?

Thanks to its ease of printing and unique characteristics, PLA Ultra is suitable for both generic and targeted uses:

- ASPECT : Printing with this material guarantees the best possible finish for your parts, with no visible defects and respect for dimensions, thanks in particular to the excellent bonding of the layers during printing.

- SPEED: This polymer enables high-speed printing up to 300mm/s (5X faster than market standards) for rapid prototyping, while maintaining high print quality.

- RECUISSON: Increasing temperature resistance is possible on your solid objects thanks to an oven or water bath process to obtain a Tg close to 140°C. Find out more about the process by following this link: Biodegradable PLA resistant to 140°C?

- BIODEGRADABLE: This polymer is biosourced, derived from corn starch, making it fully biodegradable.

- MECHANICAL STRENGTH: PLA Ultra is surprising in that it doesn't break directly, but we've added a certain suppleness that makes it more resistant. The addition of an elastic property enables us to meet new needs.

- RATE : PLA Ultra is available from 37€ht for 1k of material, making it a very affordable material.

Find Ultra Natural PLA in our online store:

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