Volumic workshops will be closed for summer break from August 12th to 27th included.

22 November 2018

L’Usine Extraordinaire – Paris Grand Palais 2018

Together with Bpi France, the Commissariat général de l'Usine Extraordinaire and the French Fab, VOLUMIC is delighted to invite you to the Grand Palais to discover the Usine Extraordinaire.

Entrepreneurs, parents and children, come and discover over 4 days, in an extraordinary setting, the factory of the future and industry 4.0.

"With L'Usine Extraordinaire at the Grand Palais, we're lifting the veil on the reality of today's factory. A factory that is innovative, connected to its region and useful to society. A factory that inspires and inspires new generations to get involved! Bruno Grandjean, President of the Fondation Usine Extraordinaire.

Come and meet VOLUMIC at the FRENCH FAB and discover 3D printing at the service of tomorrow's industry.

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