5 July 2019

3D printing is a revolution, and Mr Jérome BONALDI is here to tell you all about it!

Additive manufacturing is a revolution, and when legends from the small screen tell you about it, it becomes even more exciting, all the more so, on our latest model of French-made 3D printer la VOLUMIC STREAM ULTRA

Printing with the widest possible choice of materials (more than 50), with unprecedented levels of precision and finish (6 Microns) and shortened times (X2 to X3), these are the performances that our machines now offer to the greatest number of customers.

Copper (PLA base) / Bronze (PLA base) / Wood (PLA base) / Carbon (PETG base) / Flexible materials (TPU/TPE)  / Pekk Carbon Kimya / Fiberglass (Nylon base) / Pla Biodegradable / Medical (ISO 10993-1)
 Complete list here 

From prototyping to mock-ups, from tooling to replacement parts, from single parts to small series production, 3D printing is making its way into the hearts of the biggest groups as well as the professionals who use it on a daily basis.

Thanks again to the entire Science & Vie TV team, who can be found on CANAL+ offerings, and to Jérôme Bonaldi for selecting us to best illustrate the latest advances in 3D printing.

To find out more :

Le Mag de la science with Jérôme BONALDI questions the most eminent specialists in the scientific community to help us decipher the mysteries of our daily lives. Medicine, the environment and new technologies are all put under the microscope!

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