4 March 2016

The FDM 3D printing revolution

From design to print
Three-dimensional FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling) printing enables objects to be printed. The first step is to design the object using a computer-aided design (CAD) tool. The resulting 3D file (.stl) is sent to a software program which slices it. The printer then begins to deposit or solidify material layer by layer until the part is finalized.

3D printing can be applied to countless sectors...
Applications exist in industry (production of prototypes for cars/airplanes), architecture and model-making (production of models and parts), medicine (prostheses, training/teaching prototypes, orthopedic insoles...), research and development, education (develops the creative spirit and materializes ideas/projects), art and design, communication/marketing (goodies, ultra-personalized advertising objects)... right through to everyday consumer goods.

... and in the field via Fablabs and distributor networks
You may also have heard of "Fablabs" (a contraction of the English words Fabrication Laboratory). These are springing up all over the world, mainly using FDM technology. Their aim is to make this technology accessible to the general public, making it easier for anyone to create objects or prototypes.

Stream professional printers are available through theVolumic3D distribution network.

The Volumic3D "Stream" 3D printer range FDM technology is the one chosen by Volumic 3D for its "Stream" desktop printers (Made in France).

There are several reasons for this:
- Ease of operation and maintenance
- Environmentally-friendly (cornstarch PLA is totally biodegradable, PET is recyclable, etc.)
- Additive technology (99.9% of the material is used solely for printing)
- Diversity of usable materials (PETT, ABS, PLA, Hips, ninjaflex, nylon, wood, stone, bronze, copper, brass, carbon, graphite, lost wax...)
- Precision (actual positioning down to 15 microns in x,y for abscissa/ordinate and 6 microns in z)
- Very reasonable budget (from €2,850 excl. VAT)

Volumic 3d's Stream are FDM 3D printers for demanding professionals. With a spare part 3D printer, you'll no longer need to replace an object that's missing just one part.

When it comes to the 3D printing revolution, specialists are unanimous: it will be even bigger than that of the Internet...

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