16 July 2019


This summer, industry is the guest of honor on the beaches. From July 15 to August 14, the French Fab caravan, the standard-bearer of French industry, will be crisscrossing the coastline to present, in 18 seaside towns, French industrial activity in all its richness and modernity.
  VOLUMIC was present in Nice on July 16 to present all the applications of 3D printing within the industry of the future.

From July 15 to August 14, the French Fab Tour takes to the roads of France. The aim? Promote industry to young people, to encourage vocations. It's also an opportunity to raise the profile of French industry, which today represents 213,000 companies and 2.8 million jobs.

Launched in 2017 at the instigation of Bruno Le maire, French Fab aims to accelerate the transformation of industry in France. Armed with this ambition, it is multiplying its attractiveness initiatives, following the example of these 18 stopovers on the French coast. In all, the 3,000 m2 French Fab village will host a host of activities for summer visitors: entertainment, musical quizzes, demonstrations, experiments around industry 4.0... Between 5 and 8 pm, the space will take on a playground feel, before a multi-artist concert from 8 to 10 pm.

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