Plan de travail 1
18 October 2021

Free up some space!

All the Volumic performance in large dimensions!

So many of you asked for larger print sizes that we listened to you and came up with a new printer with a unique architecture with a fixed platen.


Key Features:

Accuracy: X/Y 15 microns, Z 1 micron
Versatility: 60 materials
Temperature: Head 420° Tray 150°
Speed: up to 220 mm/s
Print size: 65 x 30 x 30 cm


Unusual dimensions:

The SH65 has a very long printing plate of 65cm length, 30cm depth and 30cm height. This new format gives you access to large format prints. But also to a printing surface more than comfortable, equivalent to that of 3 printers Stream Ultra SC combined.

As with our new range, SH65 has a magnetic glass tray for easy removal of prints made outside the machine.

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