Free up some space!

All the Volumic performance in large dimensions!

So many of you asked for larger print sizes that we listened to you and came up with a new printer with a unique architecture with a fixed platen.


Key Features:

Accuracy: X/Y 15 microns, Z 1 micron
Versatility: 60 materials
Temperature: Head 420° Tray 150°
Speed: up to 220 mm/s
Print size: 65 x 30 x 30 cm


Unusual dimensions:

The SH65 has a very long printing plate of 65cm length, 30cm depth and 30cm height. This new format gives you access to large format prints. But also to a printing surface more than comfortable, equivalent to that of 3 printers Stream Ultra SC combined.

As with our new range, SH65 has a magnetic glass tray for easy removal of prints made outside the machine.

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