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Save time and money while increasing your productivity.
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Why invest in a 3D printer for your business?

Buying a 3D printer represents a certain budget and you need a reliable device, that’s why we offer you a range of quality products. A 3D printer from Volumic allows you to create complex shaped parts yourself simply and at a lower cost. One of the many interests of the 3D printer is its autonomy. Indeed, it does not require your presence when it realizes the parts that you have previously programmed, which leaves you the possibility to do something else during this time. It therefore represents an increase in your final productivity, which is not negligible for a company.
It is a useful and modern modeling tool that will facilitate your projects by bringing a better rendering to your products. Finished products can even be made with a 3D printer because of its professional design. Another interesting option of these devices is the use of our 100% biodegradable filaments, to ensure the lowest possible ecological impact.

What are the properties of 3D printers for your business?

What are the properties of 3D printers for your business?

The Stream 3D printers offered on our site are scalable. Indeed, you can, regularly and according to your budget, update it to take advantage of additional features without necessarily replacing your printer with a new one. Stream products have been designed to be resistant and easy to use, so by buying from Volumic 3D printers, you are assured of working with a reliable and quality professional device. Indeed, more than 1,200 companies are already equipped with our devices and are satisfied with their purchase. Its structure and reinforced parts will allow you to work daily with your 3D printer without overloading it.

3D printers for businesses

What are the advantages of Volumic printers for companies?

In addition, they are equipped with a touch screen and compatible with all CAD and CAD/CAM software, so they will allow you an ease of use. Made in France, Stream 3D printers have a two-year warranty, including parts and labor. You can now request a quote for a Stream 3D printer by email or by phone.

What 3D printing brings to your business

Develop parts with innovative designs and complex geometries with high precision while maintaining complete confidentiality of your research.

Weight and strength are critical in the aerospace industry. You can manufacture elements that are as light as they are strong thanks to our multi-material 3D filament range: carbon fiber, bronze, copper, phosphorescent, etc.

Save time and budget by enhancing your customized tool creations and parts through the 3D printing manufacturing process, which significantly reduces development time and manufacturing costs.

Print your part directly without going through the costly production of a mold that requires small series production, you will get a better control of your raw materials and your costs with a stock always under control.

Why choose
a Volumic 3D printer?

Volumic's number one priority has been to make reliable aerospace machines that researchers can rely on. From design to manufacturing, we have chosen materials that are both reliable and scalable to ensure the best performance over time.

Each printer is calibrated, tested and delivered ready to use with its complete software suite. Warranty and follow-up are among our priorities, and you will always have a competent technician available to answer your questions.

Stream 3D printers allow you to print all types of prototypes and innovative tools in more than 30 different materials with a level of precision and speed among the best on the market.
Crafted with meticulous precision and a systematic approach, Stream 3D printers are engineered for seamless daily operation, devoid of any unwelcome surprises, courtesy of their design founded upon tried-and-true, dependable components. 
Delivered fully assembled and pre-calibrated, accompanied by their software suite, you'll be able to initiate your inaugural 3D print shortly after unboxing. This is made possible through the inclusion of test objects on the memory card.
Designed and manufactured in France, we offer you all the assistance and after-sales service during and after the warranty period. To ensure the best services, your printer can be picked up within 24 hours and returned within 72 hours (simple maintenance).
3D printing is an emerging technology accessible to a broad spectrum of users. However, our team of dedicated enthusiasts brings over 15 years of experience in the realm of 3D design.
The colors of the Stream series can be personalized to match your company's branding, ensuring alignment with your establishment's visual identity.
Eliminate uncertainty from your investments; Volumic presents upgrade kits that enable the evolution of your Stream printers. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about this innovative service.
Complete compatibility with your 3D CAD/CAM software. Our software seamlessly imports STL, STEP, 3DS, OBJ formats from major 3D programs such as SolidWorks, Catia, 3Dsmax, Blender, Sketchup, Cinema4D, and more.
Our 3D printers are self-sufficient, capable of functioning and printing independently without the need for a computer connection. This convenience is facilitated by the presence of a memory card housing your 3D files. Furthermore, the USB connection permits direct control from a computer if desired.

Above all, our printers are meticulously designed and meticulously manufactured in France, infused with both passion and precision. Elevating quality remains our paramount concern.

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