12 December 2018

ALSIMA: Volumic premium integrator and much more...

Ludeek, a long-standing Volumic 3D partner, became a new entity in November: ALSIMA.

Comprising a team of experts and engineers in 3d printing, Alsima (expert reseller of the Volumic Stream range) supports and facilitates the integration of 3d printing for businesses and industries.

Covering the Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Switzerland and Rhône-Alpes regions, Alsima is a trusted ambassador for the Volumic brand.

Alsima has strong technical skills in 3d, but also in support and consulting. With this orientation, they are becoming key players in consulting, training and sales, including the integration of the Volumic brand among professionals.

 Alsima's three founders talk about this new path:

Alsima is the union of an extraordinary team, believers in innovation, who have decided to drive the technological ascent of industries. We are living in a unique and privileged moment. The industrial world is on the verge of a new era in which technology will take the lead.

Our customers are pioneers, looking today to create the innovations of tomorrow. That's why we explore technologies to deploy innovative 3D printing solutions. Thanks to our exclusive working method, we have enabled a large number of manufacturers to successfully integrate additive manufacturing.

To reach new heights, it will be necessary to achieve many feats and to innovate more and more. Among all the technologies of the industry of the future, we have chosen to be the French reference for FFF / FDM 3D printer experts.

We offer three types of service:

- Research & Development : Boldness at the service of innovation.

- Professional training: Sharing our expertise.

- Hardware sales: Ingenious 3D printers made in France.

The entire Volumic team wishes Alsima all the best in this new adventure!

Feel free to visit their new website and get in touch:

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