11 May 2020

3D VS COVID19 - The first review

We felt it was important to take stock of the situation at the end of the 2 months of Ultra Intensive confinement. Here is a quick summary of what VOLUMIC 3D and its partners have done to actively combat Covid 19.


Right from the start of this crisis, we were convinced of the relevance of 3D printing in contributing to the fight against the disease, and proposing unprecedented and immediate responses in times of emergency. Our teams mobilized and were in direct contact with various organizations and health services.
The aim was to use our 3d printing capabilities, and those of our closest partners, to provide realistic solutions for hospitals and care centers.


We worked closely with health authorities and laboratories on 3D-printed solutions to urgently meet vital needs for medical accessories and analysis equipment. The requests were numerous, and we were keen to emphasize the approach and validation of medical supervision.
All these projects took time, energy and commitment, but the first encouraging results came very quickly, with leads on respirator equipment, back-up medical equipment and screening tools.


Here are some of the biggest projects we have been involved in and supported:

  •  Thousands of COVID 3D test specimens

The Laboratories CERBALLIANCE, VOLUMIC and LaFERME3D have joined forces to use 3D printing to provide an unprecedented solution to the problem of out-of-stock COVID-19 screening tests.
In less than 72 hours, thanks to the expertise of the FERME3D (particularly on the subjects of sealing and mass production), VOLUMIC was able to offer a modeled and then 3D-printed version of the test specimens to Dr. RAIMONDI's team at the Group. CERBALLIANCE. Immediately afterwards, the group launched the technical validation analyses, confirming that this new equipment can replace the missing versions of the screening kits.

As a result, tens of thousands of cupules were printed at the height of the crisis, making it possible to carry out almost a thousand additional tests every day in France. The full article is available here


It was a war against the virus that was waged thanks to 3D printing, with weapons of a new kind: 3D visors, 3D masks, 3D test tubes, 3D valves, propellers, etc. As a French manufacturer, we are very proud to have been able to participate in this national effort by mobilizing a maximum of human and material resources.

  • DECATHLON MASKS: 3D printing of hundreds of connectors.

Essential interface for emergency connection of a diving mask Décathlon to a respirator.

  • RESPIRATORS: 3D printing of parts and provision of equipment for manufacturing emergency respirators. 
  • PROTECTIVE MASKS: 3D printing of protective masks

Developed in Monaco by the company MC-Clic

  • ASEPTIC VISORS: Printing hundreds of Asepsis 3D Visors for caregivers

Also developed in Monaco by MC-Clic these formidable 3D visors are durable, sterilization-resistant and validated for operating theatres.

  • PRINTING THOUSANDS OF 3D DECONFINEMENT VISORS for caregivers and exposed staff.

and also distribution of the famous Visières 3D V3 from the Ferme 3D 100% PETG available here

All these actions were carried out non-stop, in ultra-small teams, and in compliance with safety instructions, at cost price.

Many thanks to all VOLUMIC employees, partners and supporters for their invaluable help during this period.


 A huge thank you to the carers, caregivers and all those on the front line,
 And a special mention to the 3D printing community and the Makers we've been able to help.

The war against COVID is not yet won, so stay cautious and don't let your guard down.

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