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20 February 2023

2000 factories and sites equipped in France!

After 3 years of acceleration, we are very proud to have surpassed 2000 factories and professional sites equipped in France with our 3D printers.

We sincerely wanted to thank you, as it's thanks to you that we have been able to go from being a pioneer in 3D printing in France in 2013 to now being a recognized brand in the country.

Innovating relentlessly, improving each product year after year with fervor, and showcasing our passion for "Made in France."
And the rejuvenation of the French industry, it's all of this that drives us day by day.

But the other essential point is you!
You, our customers, our longstanding partners, our suppliers, the entire ecosystem of additive manufacturing as well as that of innovation through the French Fab and the French Tech in the industry.

2023 will be a year rich in developments for Volumic 3D, with new avenues of growth, a new brand image being rolled out, and significant new machine innovations.
and also our expansion into the international market.

More than ever, we will maintain close proximity with you, and our network of dealer partners will extend this relationship to all corners of France.

It is together that we will succeed in accelerating the transformation of the French industry, manufacturing, and creative professions, enabling you to become even more efficient, innovative, and inspiring.


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