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3D printing is revolutionizing marine research at Mines ParisTech for the Ocean!

3D printing serving marine research:
Mines ParisTech is pioneering in the field of marine research through the use of Volumic 3D printers. Second-year students have developed impressive Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) named Léon(poldine), Victor, Eugène, and soon a fourth one: César. These robots are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to map the ocean floor, collect samples, and study underwater biodiversity.

ROVs and 3D printing:
Each ROV is partially composed of 3D-printed parts: support pieces for cameras, robotic arms, and covers, enabling customization tailored to their specific missions. The use of 3D printing was crucial in the success of this project, allowing for rapid prototyping, adaptations, and design improvements.

Cutting-edge technological tools:
For these impressive creations, the school uses a Supercharged 3D printer, a 30 dual MK2, and a MK3. Additionally, a waste recycling machine for printing scraps is planned, along with the use of recycled fishing net filaments from our partner ValorYeu, showcasing their commitment to responsible production.

Congratulations to the teams!

Photo credits:
David Luquet
Mines Paris pour l’océan

Research in the service of biodiversity:
The ROVs are deployed near the coasts, particularly in Antibes, to study marine biodiversity in the 0 to 100-meter zone. The underwater biodiversity is meticulously documented, enabling the tracking of life growth and a deeper understanding of our marine environment.

Printer range used for this project


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The iconic 1970s Alpine sports car meets the world of 3D printing!

Innovation serving the environment!

Innovation serving the environment!

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A 3D-printed propeller is towing a 2-ton boat!
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