Volumic in the top 14 of early metrics

Volumic has been selected and audited by Early Metrics, an independent rating agency that evaluates the growth potential of innovative companies.

Volumic received a very good score of 77/100 which puts it in the TOP 14% of the 2000+ companies audited but also in theTOP 11% of the robotics and manufacturing sector.

Thedetermining factorsof this audit focused on 3 axes: The organizational capacityof the company, the added value of the project and the market analysis.

Early Metrics is not only based on financial criteria. In addition to the market and project content, the quality of the management team is one of the three “pillars” on which the rating is based. In all, some fifty criteriaare scrutinized during the agency’s investigations, which finally deliver a report and a score out of 100.

Volumic welcomed this news as a real encouragement for all the efforts made since its launch thanks to the motivation, the spirit of innovation and the know-how implemented by its entire team.

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