Volumic is committed to the French economic recovery

In support of the France Recovery Plan and as a French manufacturer, Volumic is committed to giving you an immediate 15% discount on our entire range of 3D printers. An immediate response to financing files that are difficult to get validated, in order to invest in French and key Industry 4.0 equipment that is efficient, reliable, innovative and profitable from the first use. Important : This offer can be combined with the -20% France relance scheme.

The story of Volumic 3D began about 7 years ago based on a simple observation: France was absent from the strategic FDM 3D printing market!

Passionate and convinced of the relevance of our project to create French-made 3D printers, we contacted French industrialists/SMEs who followed and supported us in this adventure… at a time when the trend was already towards outsourcing to China

Since then, as a member and ambassador of Frenchfab supported by some French institutions such as the BPI, we have grown and become a professional reference brand and technological leader on our market with international awards recognizing our know-how: 2 CES Innovation Awards 2020!

Today, more than a year after the beginning of the epidemic, the Chinese economy has already recovered and the U.S. is offering itself a pharaonic recovery plan.

Our country and Europe are working on their side to get our economy moving again with plans like France Relance.

Unfortunately, many interested companies have not yet received a favorable response, financial resources are limited and the lack of visibility on the future leads to a certain wait-and-see attitude on the part of companies.

The major risk is that this unfavorable context paradoxically persists while 3D printing is identified as one of the pillars of the “Industry 4.0” project aiming at the modernization/recovery of our industry and our companies because this technology makes it possible to lower maintenance and development costs, to reduce the time to market, to gain in flexibility and to address new markets….

This paradox becomes even more extreme because, on average, the purchase of our machines is profitable between 1 and 2 months after their start-up!

Postponing this type of investment could prove fatal because the risk, for our country, is not only to be out of the game technologically in the short/medium term but also, in a more immediate way, to miss the train of economic recovery in which the Chinese and Americans are already embarked.

A new observation has therefore become obvious to us:We are French manufacturers, and our responsibility is to support and reinforce the various national recovery plans!

We thus decide to take in charge immediately 15% on the purchase of one of our printers in order to concretely help our economy (Industry, VSE/SME, ETI) but also our Research, our Education which represent the common future of our country.

Note that the additional advantage of this exceptional offer is that it adds our strengths to those of the State because it is cumulative with the France Relance plan.

Don’t wait, the recovery is now and you can count on us to help you!

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