It is only every 20 years that a revolution is born

To bring a vision and an approach to 3D printing focused on the real needs of the industry and professionals. We offer 3D printers that enable better, local production, empower each user and give them a head start with their innovations

The new tools of manufacturing

Who has never dreamed of seeing the object of one’s dreams being built before one’s eyes, starting from nothing?

Volumic as pioneers of 3D in France offers you the best tools to manufacture with more precision, more materials, more speed and reliability

Innovations rewarded by prestigious awards such as the CES INNOVATION AWARDS

Our machines are evolutionary, they know how to support your needs.

And like thousands of customers, from large accounts to small businesses, who trust us, discover VOLUMIC.

Since our creation, we have been promoting the values of innovation and “Made in France”.

The industry of the future,
starting today:

For several years now, we have been fortunate enough to see the evolution of professionals’ attitudes towards 3D.

Curiosity, attraction of the novelty then a total switch and the consideration of all the potential that can bring 3d printing in terms of innovation in the heart of a factory or a design office.

Produce better,
Producing locally:

3D printing is a new way to produce locally by freeing oneself from the limits of the past, by choosing one’s materials.

Environmental dimension, with recycled materials, biodegradable, but especially durable and resistant.

Let’s go beyond the era of consumption to enter the era of production, transmission and scalability.

At the heart of our preoccupations, the environmental side is in rupture

Our status as a French manufacturer is combined with a rigorous approach and support that make us unique.

Technically, our “Stream” 3D printers set the standard thanks to their printing precision, their excellent quality/price ratio and the diversity of materials accepted.

The fields of application of the “Streams” are very broad and extend every day a little more….

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