One of the most important rules of 3D printing is not to exceed a 45° angle without support, otherwise everything may collapse. Unfortunately the brackets are often difficult to remove and can damage the final piece.

Le HIPS (High Impact Polystyrène) is THE solution !

The advantages of HIPS

HIPS filament belongs to the family of soluble 3D filaments unlike ABS or PETG. This characteristic makes it very interesting and offers new possibilities of 3D printing thanks to the soluble supports.

The ability to dissolve supports makes it possible to create very complex shapes that require supports in places that are inaccessible with pliers and therefore impossible to remove by hand.

HIPS is also the cheapest soluble 3D printer filament on the market at around €30 per kilo. It is therefore practical, inexpensive and easy to print.

How to use HIPS

HIPS is used as a 3D printing medium only when using a dual extrusion head 3D printer. Indeed, the two heads print simultaneously the support and the part itself. Indeed, the two heads print simultaneously the support and the part itself.

It is highly recommended to use HIPS in addition to ABS or PETG as these have similar printing profiles and are biocompatible, which will result in a smooth print.

After printing, simply immerse the piece with its support in a limonene bath for several hours to dissolve the limonene (be careful not to use a container that could be dissolved by the limonene).

This makes HIPS perfect for printing supports for 3D parts printed in ABS or PETG, but it can also be printed on its own, for lightweight and durable parts.

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