Thousands of 3d printed covid 19 test tubes

In 72 hours, a thousand 3D printed COVID-19 test tubes CERBALLIANCE Laboratories, VOLUMIC and LaFERME3D have joined forces to provide an unprecedented response to the problem of out-of-stock COVID-19 screening tests thanks to 3D printing. CERBALLIANCE (600 laboratories in France), mandated by the ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé) to carry out the Covid19 screening tests, […]

Automation made possible by 3D printing, 125 hours of work saved per year.

Cerballiance Côte d’Azur laboratories have created an interface for the adaptation of automation in laboratories. Every day, 150 tubes have to be sorted manually because of the lack of standardization of the different tube brands and machines. This tedious and unrewarding task is now automated thanks to these rack racks that make the different elements […]

3D innovation at the service of animal health!

Virbac Group, a 6ᵉ global veterinary pharmaceutical group, relied on Volumic 3D printers to develop a completely innovative animal health sampling cap. The advantage of liquid medications is that the quantities of product to be administered can be precisely dosed according to the weight of the animal (or person) to be treated to avoid over- […]