Tag plasturgie and volumic 3d-solid for the future of 3d printing

TAG Plasturgie and Volumic 3D announce a partnership that will further expand the prospects of the 3D printing sector while strengthening its French industry.

The first significant advances are already here…
In the eyes of some manufacturers, one of the weak points of FDM 3D printing until now could be the solidity of the printed parts.
Thanks to TAGin3D’s extra strong filament and the quality of Volumic 3D professional printers, this doubt is a distant memory!
Indeed, thanks to the first tests carried out, it was possible to lift (lift/position continuously for 1/2 hour) a jeep (1.5 tons) with a ring entirely printed with a Volumic 3D printer.

The said ring used weighs 159 grams for a size of 14 x 10 x 2.6 cm.

Let’s bet that this is only a beginning (certainly very promising) and that other significant advances will soon be made.

Don’t wait any longer and be part of the 3D revolution!

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