#3500 Stain and drop in print

If spots appear, there may be several reasons for this. In any case, some excess material ends up on the layer and is then “rubbed off” with each pass of the nozzle. This will make it burn more and more. Several points to check:

1) your zero point calibration is a little too low. The first layer is too crushed and forms channels. The nozzle’s passages will pick up the ridges of these channels and clump around it. Thus forming a drop of matter that will fall. It can also form a deposit that creates collisions and burns with each pass. It is necessary to check the condition of the first layer to avoid printing defects (layer too transparent, leaving lint, waves …).

2) The flow setting is too large for this material. Then decrease your flow by a point or two to see if the phenomenon disappears.

3) Your head is leaking. If the nozzle and the thermal barrier do not have a correct tightening when hot, then this one will leak little by little and form a drop of material which will fall on the part in impression and create this kind of defect. Modifying or disassembling the head requires a hot tightening, change the head if the defect persists.

You can follow these procedures for a “nozzle change“.

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