#3469 Splinters ceramic plate

If you have glass shards sticking to objects, your height zero point may be too low. This can crush the first layer, and greatly increases the adhesion of the object, which when cooling can tear off material.
In any case, the trays are consumables and are subject to very strong constraints. These are influenced between printing, temperatures and the lacquer/adhesive, which explains a limited lifespan.

However, if you have a lot of ripping of material on newer platens, set your zero point a little higher to reduce adhesion. The chapter “Plate preparation/calibration” in the User Manual of your Volumic printer explains the various possible settings.

Example of tray wear:
  • ABS is a material that will wear out the tray more quickly.
  • High temperatures increase wear on the plate.
  • Universal ULTRA has a very strong adhesion, so do not use too much lacquer and do not set the first coat too low. If the setting is too low, it is likely that the glass ceramics will be torn out.

Wear and tear over time is unavoidable on glass-ceramic coatings.
We recommend that you always have one or more spare trays, find the article on theonline store.

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