#3494 Purge at startup

Regarding the start-up purge, if this does not suit you, it is advisable to switch to the contour mode. In the Simplify3D process, comment out the startup purge as follows:

Process->Tab Scripts->Under Startup Script-> tab put a semicolon at the beginning of the lines (comment) or delete the following 4 lines after the line “M300 P350”
;M117 Purge
;G1 Z0.15 F600
;G1 E10 F400
;G92 E0

Then in the “Addition” tab, check the “Use skirt/edge” box, set the offset value to 2mm and the skirt outline to 1.
Click on “update profile” at the top to save your changes in this process.

This will remove the startup bleed and prime the head by contouring around all the parts.

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