#3485 Printing flexible

Flexible printing is very different from other materials, as applying too much stress/pressure can easily deform the filament and jam in the drive.

In order to print the hose correctly, make sure of the following points:

1) The compressor pressure must be very low. This one must have only one of the 2 springs. A spring must be removed from the compression system as shown in the photos below (system on MK* and ULTRA printers):

2) The speed must be adapted to the flexible Be sure to select the speed modes for the hose on the ULTRAs (to the right of the process), and don’t hesitate to lower the speed further if you have jams. Because some hoses need to go below 15mm/s to print properly.

3) Clean the head thoroughly with the purge filament to remove any residue in the head. The hose will not accept residue from other materials during the printing process as this will cause clogging. Ideally, a dedicated hose head is the most effective. Nozzles below 0.4mm will make the print even more fickle, so it is strongly discouraged.

4) Add another 5-10°C to the nozzle temperature if you still have too much jam.

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