#3478 Endstop Z destroyed

Case n°1 : A bad use of the machine, the Z endstop “blocked” thus remains engaged.
Check that the microswitch (the little red button) is not blocked. To do this, you must try to loosen it with a fine blade, otherwise you will have to change it.

Note: Be careful during calibration as this problem often occurs during calibration. When the adjustment of the wheel is too large. You must regularly do a home Z to avoid pushing in the microswitch.

Case n°2 : Too much manipulation on the Z wheel pushes the screw into the sensor. This can cause a failure on the Z endstop.
First, you need to check if the microswitch is still working. Also check if the microswitch remains locked. If the Z endstop doesn’t work, you can get one from our Volumic 3D SHOPto change it. Any large manipulation of more than a quarter turn of the knob should be done with the head raised at least a few millimeters. You can also do a home Z between each change of more than a quarter turn so that the machine goes up as you go.

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