#3635 Dimensionality on MK1

You can check the pitch setting (dimensionality) for the extruder by following the procedure below.

  • First you have to switch the machine to expert mode. As you insert (or remove) the SD card, a display of the “SD” logo appears. Click the front dial button, the machine should beep 3 times and display “Expert Mode”.
  • Then, in the menus, identify the new section called “Configuration”, and inside select “Movements”.
  • Look for the value “steps per mm E”, it must be 336. If this is not the case, set it to this value and then remember to save via the previous menu.
  • To compensate for the dimensionality, you can play with the flow in your slicer. That is, the “extrusion multiplier” to compensate for the shrinkage of the material. If you are below the ribs, increase the flow in 2% steps to find your ideal dimensions.

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