#3475 Changing the MK2/ULTRA stainless steel drive

To change the drive, here is the procedure:

  • Remove the filament compressor by removing the 2 nuts, and completely removing the plunger with springs.
  • Remove the drive cover with the 2 Phillips head screws.
  • Remove the motor with the 2 or 3 Allen screws.
  • Remove the drive pulley by unscrewing the 1.5mm allen screw.
  • Reassemble the pulley with the wedge for placement.
  • Put the motor in place (be careful not to pinch any wires that run under the motor) and check the alignment of the drive with the groove of the filament passage. Adjust the alignment if necessary, as it must be very accurate.
  • Screw in the motor with its screws.
  • Reinstall the drive cover.
  • Reassemble the plunger with the springs, and tighten the nuts so that the thread protrudes about 1 to 2mm (standard setting for hard materials).

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