#3467 Cause of overall disaster and detachment of objects

Indeed, this happens, and can cause a lot of damage when the machine keeps printing in a vacuum. In particular the destruction of the extruder because the material extruded in the vacuum will tend to gather in “bubble” on the nozzle. It will grow little by little until it swallows a good part of the extruder. This is called the overall disaster, here is an example of what can happen:

The risks for the machine

  • When the head is down, the extruded filament will bounce off the tray and melt onto the head.
  • When the extruder is higher, a forest of extruded wire covers the board, but generally does not do any damage itself. The most likely danger is collisions between pieces of already printed objects and moving parts. When this happens, in either case, it is 95% of the time due to the object coming off the tray.
  • The biggest risk for the machine remains the detachment of the object from the tray, as it can lead to collisions. These collisions can damage many parts and can indirectly generate an overall disaster because the machine prints in a vacuum…

Les causes du désastre global

So the source of all this is still the same base, namely the object that comes off, and the following points (in order of importance):

  • Incorrect calibration or too high a zero point. This reduces the grip of the object on the tray and increases the risk of overall disaster.
  • A lack of lacquer or adhesion product. It is essential to lacquer the plate before each printing.
  • A tray not hot enough for the material used. The more technical materials you use, the less adhesion they have. Specific settings and adhesives are required.
  • Monitor the status of the first layer when starting a print to ensure that the calibration is correct. The calibration may have “shifted” due to manual handling, machine movement or a collision.
  • Change the nozzle/heat barrier at the first signs of fatigue: Tends to block the filament but intermittently. Blocking can cause a few layers of printing to be “missed”, and to start again. In this case the machine will print in a vacuum, so there is a risk of overall disaster.

Do not hesitate to review the user manual of your Volumic printer chapter “preparation/calibration of the plate”, you can download the manual corresponding to your printer here: User’s manual

If damage has been identified

If an overall disaster effect has damaged the machine and prevents it from printing, please contact us via the contact form.

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