#3466 SD card read but printing does not start

It is possible that the card is formatted in FAT32 which does not work (FAT32 id c, or LBA). To use it on the printer, you need a FAT32 id b because Windows 10 is by default in FAT32 id c.
To choose the right FAT32, you have to use GPARTED on a Linux system (Ubuntu 18.04).

Here are the steps:

1) Check the formatting with the command *sudo cfdisk /disk_name/* that the card
SD is in FAT32 id c (second last column).

2) Format the partition again with GPARTED (delete it then
recreate in primary type, FAT32)

3) Run *sudo cfdisk /disk_name/* again to verify
the effect of formatting by GPARTED

The partition is now in FAT32 id b and the SD card can be used on
the printer.

More information about the differences between FAT32 id b and FAT32 id c
here : https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2010/08/msg01142.html

If you still can’t format the SD card, you can contact us via the contact form.

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