We have identified what can cause SD card reading errors. Recently, Microsoft has changed the default settings of the formatting utility, it is now set to 32kilobyte sectors by default [...]
Here are the steps to follow to reassign your Simplify3d license to a new workstation: Log in to your Simplify3d customer area using your login details: https://cloud.simplify3d.com/account/login In the tab: [...]
The minimum extrusion temperature is 150°C on the Volumic, this is adjustable with the M302 instruction: – M302 alone allows extrusions of any temperature – M302 Sx allows extrusions with [...]
To print in multi resolution: to edit your printing process, go to the “Advanced” tab and check “stop printing at height”. Then enter the height for this process with the [...]
L’ABS est une matière très capricieuse avec un fort retrait, vous découvrez peut-être l’effet “warping” (déformation par soulèvement). Effet d’autant plus marqué sur de grandes pièces. Pour des impressions optimales [...]
Check with your network administrator that the software can access the following port and protocol, this is imperative for the startup. HTTP/HTTPS access (for firewall and/or blacklist and secure network)cloud.simplify3d.com [...]
Always having a complete spare head makes your maintenance easier and your printing more reliable. Our printheads are interchangeable, they allow a quick intervention: When alternating between different nozzles When [...]
If you use a steel nozzle, you must increase the temperature by 15 to 25°C depending on the case. The “nozzle temperature compensation” function saves you from changing your profiles: [...]
The ANTI-OD (Anti Overall Disaster) protection monitors the temperature around the nozzle to detect, for example, the formation of material in a ball on the head (due to a part [...]
On ULTRA profiles, the command is in comment to activate the quick start (the complete heating of the tray is not critical for most materials, it saves quite a lot [...]

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