At the end of the year, we have decided to put forward our customers:

Aeronautics, design, medical, sport, automotive, maritime, etc… they were featured on our social networks for 2 months.


*** They innovate and achieve feats with 3D printing! In summary:

● SKI :

Decathlon/Wedze uses 3D printing to produce and validate winter sports equipment: making custom parts to insert pressure sensors but also testing ankle protectors.


Bernadet internalizes the production of its tools through additive manufacturing. One station has 11 3D printed parts and is part of a semi-automated manufacturing line that has 147 in total.


M-Orthopédie makes custom-made insoles, podo-hamstring lifts, heel cups and other shin guards.


A-S-A was able to faithfully reproduce the famous fighter plane, the Rafale, on a 1/6 scale. It takes flight up to 280 Km/h and more than 50 parts that compose it are 3D printed.


Lyf Design prints 3D customizable lamps. In the near future, Mr. Regagnon, founder of Lyf-Design, wants to print his customizable lamps with plastic from a local collection.


Hervé Ghirlanda, architect, has produced about thirty 3D printed models of his various projects. These scale models, added to a 3D virtual immersion software, allowed him to stand out during his presentations.


Blackline has created a rotating and connected snowboard binding to improve the comfort of snowboarders on the flat and in chairlifts using 3D printed prototypes.


Le CNRS, Engineers and students have worked to make a radio antenna for nanosatellites autonomous. It can now track and communicate with satellites, while being remotely controlled.


Phénix Retro Concept and the alpines auto racing workshop use industrial processes such as foundry and resin casting, now coupled with additive manufacturing for the creation of parts for vintage vehicles not retroengineered.


EMM offers its customers 3D printing of parts in small series, they allow manufacturers to test new products, before the launch of molds, by putting on the market products made by 3D printing.

● ART :

La Ferme 3D© printed the icon of the city of Nîmes in 50 cm length. High-speed printing profiles made it possible to print 1.2 kg of material in a single day and on a single printer.

● Drone :

Mc Clic has created revolutionary drones capable of eliminating palm weevils. The drones release biological powder in the heart of the palm trees and avoid the use of chemicals and a tedious task.


Cerballiance Côte d’Azur has created an interface for the adaptation of automation in laboratories. The automatons sort the samples according to the color of the cap and the label in order to position them in a clear and orderly way on the racks.


Ecap93 prints and sells custom ElasTrainers with custom paddles and grips. The “ElasTrainer” allows you to train dry wherever you are but also to warm up or to learn the technique without risks.


CamGau has created an electric propulsion system adapted to “pointus”. Many parts printed with Volumic 3D printers are used for this device, including the propeller.


Feel free to follow them on social networks or visit their websites to learn more about these French companies at the cutting edge of technology.


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