Michelin 3d in the heart of the auto world

On the MICHELIN stand at the2018 Paris Motor Show,
you could meet the famous Michelin Man in good company.

MICHELIN has decided to promote 3D printing
with a Volumic 3D printer that printed live scale models
as well as Bibendums in order to sensitize a maximum of
of visitors to the future that 3D printing represents.

3D printing is used today to produce prototypes,
but also tooling, small series and replacement parts in the industry.

Mrs. d’Aversa (project manager for events in Europe) testifies: We were delighted to be able to introduce this technology – still little known to the general public and moreover French – to visitors to the Michelin stand. I would also like to thank all the team of Volumic 3D for their help in the realization of this project.

Volumic’s Stream 30 Ultra printer (made in France), which can print more than 50 different materials (including soft and flexible materials) with unparalleled precision and speed, confirms its goal to revolutionize the standards of additive manufacturing.

VOLUMIC is very pleased to equip MICHELIN plants with its machines,
and to see the joint developments of MICHELIN and FIVES on high level METAL 3D printing through ADDUP

At the same time, a brand new 3D printed tire concept was presented on the booth: the Concept Vision, which could revolutionize the way we drive. The tire has a biomimetic structure and a tread that can be reprinted to be more suitable for the weather conditions.

This brand new concept is an airless tire, therefore puncture-proof, biodegradable, with a 3D printed tread that could be changed according to the weather and the type of road taken. The center of the tire would be made from biodegradable and recycled materials such as electronic components or cans.

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