Ira launches its training 3d printing fdm with Volumic

Since 1967, IRA has been training technicians, engineers and other industry personnel in the use of control systems in industrial processes.

IRA and Ferme3D can provide you with all your 3D printing training needs, especially on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology.

The IRA, through the Ferme3D, organizes and provides training on 3D printing with the objective of preparing trainees for the “FDM” certification which will be very useful in the near future.
This certification is granted by the Steering Committee for Impartiality, Evaluation and Monitoring (COPIES) composed of industrialists and representatives of various stakeholders (Club de la Mesure…).

In order to offer the highest level of training and competence in FDM, IRA and Ferme 3D have chosen Volumic 3D to equip their workshops.

Different types of training will be available: the theoretical module, technical, the complete training or a personalized training according to your needs.
Volumic accredited certifications will soon be available at IRA…

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or make your request directly to the 3D Farm at the following address

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