We have identified what can cause SD card reading errors. Recently, Microsoft has changed the default settings of the formatting utility, it is now set to 32kilobyte sectors by default [...]
Here are the steps to follow to reassign your Simplify3d license to a new workstation: Log in to your Simplify3d customer area using your login details: https://cloud.simplify3d.com/account/login In the tab: [...]
The minimum extrusion temperature is 150°C on the Volumic, this is adjustable with the M302 instruction: – M302 alone allows extrusions of any temperature – M302 Sx allows extrusions with [...]
To print in multi resolution: to edit your printing process, go to the “Advanced” tab and check “stop printing at height”. Then enter the height for this process with the [...]
L’ABS est une matière très capricieuse avec un fort retrait, vous découvrez peut-être l’effet “warping” (déformation par soulèvement). Effet d’autant plus marqué sur de grandes pièces. Pour des impressions optimales [...]
Check with your network administrator that the software can access the following port and protocol, this is imperative for the startup. HTTP/HTTPS access (for firewall and/or blacklist and secure network)cloud.simplify3d.com [...]
Always having a complete spare head makes your maintenance easier and your printing more reliable. Our printheads are interchangeable, they allow a quick intervention: When alternating between different nozzles When [...]
If you use a steel nozzle, you must increase the temperature by 15 to 25°C depending on the case. The “nozzle temperature compensation” function saves you from changing your profiles: [...]
The ANTI-OD (Anti Overall Disaster) protection monitors the temperature around the nozzle to detect, for example, the formation of material in a ball on the head (due to a part [...]
On ULTRA profiles, the command is in comment to activate the quick start (the complete heating of the tray is not critical for most materials, it saves quite a lot [...]
If the material has ceased to be driven, consider the following indications to apply the necessary correction(s): WEAR AND MAINTENANCE:– The nozzle and thermal barrier may be fatigued. When was [...]
If the coils have winding defects, they are taken under warranty and exchanged. On the other hand, take care never to let go of the filament from the spool and [...]
The nozzle is a wearing part: Average life span between 600 and 900 hours of printing depending on use. The use of filled (abrasive) material is not included in the [...]
For “simple” PETG, i.e. not loaded with other materials. A brass nozzle is a good choice to keep the best performance, or better yet, a Copper-Nickel nozzle (more resistant). A [...]
It is possible that the bed cable of “Stream 30ULTRA” has a problem during its installation. It is also possible that the cable will wear out over time. We advise [...]
It is possible that the card is formatted in FAT32 which does not work (FAT32 id c, or LBA). To use it on the printer, you need a FAT32 id [...]
Indeed, this happens, and can cause a lot of damage when the machine keeps printing in a vacuum. In particular the destruction of the extruder because the material extruded in [...]
Did you change the thermal barrier with the nozzle? We advise to change both, the thermal barrier and the nozzle, to avoid missed prints.On the other hand, is the reassembly [...]
To change the drive, here is the procedure: Remove the filament compressor by removing the 2 nuts, and completely removing the plunger with springs. Remove the drive cover with the [...]
Your print head must have a defect: either on the heating cartridges or on the wiring. This may cause the heating losses detected by the machine. Opt for a spare [...]
If you have Simplify3d, you can enable the quick heat before setpoint option. This is part of the accelerated start-up.The goal is to save time at the start of the [...]
If you have glass shards sticking to objects, your height zero point may be too low. This can crush the first layer, and greatly increases the adhesion of the object, [...]
10 = Extruder overheating (protection temperature reached)11 = Minimum temperature of extruder 1 reached12 = Maximum temperature of extruder 1 reached13 = Minimum temperature of extruder 2 reached14 = Maximum [...]
10 = Extruder overheating (protection temperature reached)11 = Minimum temperature of extruder 1 reached12 = Maximum temperature of extruder 1 reached13 = Minimum temperature of extruder 2 reached14 = Maximum [...]
To connect the machine to a PC, you must first make sure that the computer recognizes the printer.It depends a lot on the system you have. On Windows 10, the [...]
In general, if the ribs are not good, it is due to the shrinkage of the material in many cases. You can initially increase the material flow to compensate for [...]
If you have systematic shifts on your prints, it probably means that the belt tension is too high.In fact, a belt that is too tight, especially on the Y axis, [...]
Progressive shifts may occur during a print run if the pulleys are not sufficiently stressed with the motor shaft. To properly tighten the pulleys, you simply need to stress the [...]
If you have delamination or brittleness between layers on PLA, try raising the temperature a little more. This is quite typical of a too low printing temperature. However, a steel [...]
In case of emergency, you can deactivate it via the MENU->CFG. SYSTEME->Detect. end of thread to be set to OFF, then save.The photo below will allow you to adjust its [...]
DUAL 3D printers have two filament sensors. One is in head 1 and the other in head 2. However, the detectors do not work independently but by an all or [...]
You can check the pitch setting (dimensionality) for the extruder by following the procedure below. First you have to switch the machine to expert mode. As you insert (or remove) [...]
These clicks along an axis are often related to a ball in the bushing coming out of alignment. This does not interfere with printing but it does make the printer [...]
Case n°1 : A bad use of the machine, the Z endstop “blocked” thus remains engaged.Check that the microswitch (the little red button) is not blocked. To do this, you [...]
If when loading your Simplify3D scene (.factory) you get the message “the analysis of the XML file failed…” it is because the STL objects you import into Simplify3D contain special [...]
The error N°25 was implemented after the realization of the documentation, hence its absence.In any case, this phenomenon is a reading error on the SD card.This may come from the [...]
This is not mandatory, but strongly recommended to avoid redundant errors.If you have poor print quality or blocking/blocking, the problem may be in the nozzle. However, the problem can also [...]
The purpose of this calibration is to have a good parallelism via the position of the extruder on the plate. Incorrect calibration can result in a bad first layer print [...]
If you see an error #25 on the screen, you can find out more by following this link. If you think you have a false contact on the SD drive, [...]
It is possible for a plug to form in the thermal barrier causing the head to jam. In the case of a filament block, start by using the function provided [...]
If the flashing does not work properly, check these points: 1) Disable any anti-virus, firewall or anti-malware on the computer used for flashing. Flash programs can be considered malware depending [...]
The X arrow is a phenomenon that distorts the flatness of the board. The X axis is not an element that will influence the X arrow.After removing the glass-ceramic or [...]
You can change the flow in real time on the machine during printing via the “flow” button on the front. But it is better to change the feed on your [...]
Flexible printing is very different from other materials, as applying too much stress/pressure can easily deform the filament and jam in the drive. In order to print the hose correctly, [...]
Tips for using PEKK First of all, you should preferably use dimafix in lacquerrather than 3Dlac which will perform better at high temperatures. On the other hand, printing on a [...]
Printing of Polycarbonate : Use dimafix and not 3DLAC because it will withstand high temperatures better and stick better. Make a Brim of 15 to 30 contours. Raise the temperature [...]
If you are on a Mac, you must download the Simplify3D application directly from the S3D website with your license ID.The SD card contains software for Windows only.Download the application [...]
The head The nozzle and thermal barrier are consumables and are under constant strain and can wear out quickly. With an unfilled material like a simple PLA, a nozzle (brass [...]
Regarding maintenance, the ULTRA SC are equipped with predictive maintenance. The machine itself will suggest at the right moment the intervention(s) to be performed based on the time of use. [...]
If the screen update does not succeed through the main SD card try through the Micro-SD card on top of the screen box. If your machine does not have the [...]
if the machine does not have the light on the bottom frame, the tray must be removed: Remove the glass plate. Unscrew the central screw of the heating plate. Remove [...]
We can’t find the software password.The only solution if you can’t find it is to contact Simplify3D to reset your password. It is therefore important to keep your Simplify3D login [...]
So you have to add manually the printer via the Settings MENU->Printers->add printers. Choose a generic printer in the list (or prusa like for exemple) and configure the parameters of [...]
For the equipment of the room, you must take into account your environment, and in general a fire fighting system is a minimum. For the VMC, it depends a lot [...]
If the material sticks too much to the bed, the easiest solution is to raise your zero point a little with the adjustment wheel. Turning 1/5th of an hour should [...]
Can you try to reset the factory settings by going to MENU->Configuration. Then click on “Factory settings”, then “Save” and restart the machine.Then try the Home Z to see if [...]
This kind of problem comes from the head most of the time. It is also possible that this phenomenon is caused by a faulty or worn nozzle/thermal barrier couple, or [...]
The most sensitive parts are the nozzle and the thermal barrier. To avoid redundant defects, consider changing these parts together.You can see the statistics in the menu->statistics.We advise you to [...]
There is no need for a complete recalibration if the parallelism is good. All you have to do is adjust the adjustment wheel on the left, which after calibration becomes [...]
In order to change the complete heating tray, you must: Open the electronic box on the left. Unscrew the 2 top connections of the large terminal block (bed power) and [...]
Regarding the start-up purge, if this does not suit you, it is advisable to switch to the contour mode. In the Simplify3D process, comment out the startup purge as follows: [...]
The dimensionality setting on the ULTRA is set by default to give the advantage to small parts. If this is a problem on large parts, the number of steps per [...]
Printing with a 0.25 nozzle is much more fickle than with a 0.4mm.If you have blockages, here are the points to apply in this order: 1) Raise the extrusion temperature [...]
If you want to activate the network on an ULTRA SC machine, you can do the following: – Connect the machine to a network with DHCP– Activate the network interface [...]
On MK2 models, the platter can indeed resonate with the chassis depending on the speed used. This does not affect the machine or the printing.You can reduce the noise by [...]
If you no longer have the original packaging and foams, there are two solutions. The first solution is to pack the machine yourself. However, any breakage during transport will not [...]
On the ultra the process remains the same as on the MK2. It must be tightened to 360° and not 290°. Be careful, if you do not change the thermal [...]
The web interface supports all browsers without problems.If you have display defects, it may be due to internal electromagnetic interference. Some machines may have this defect. However we have now [...]
1) Uninstall the Simplify3D software2) Delete the folder and the remaining files in “program filesSimplify3D-x.x.x”3) Delete the folder and the remaining files in “C:UsersxxxxxxAppDataLocalSimplify3D”4) Delete the entire registry key “ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARESimplify3D”5) [...]
If you get the error “Extruder overheating”, it means that the extruder is not cooled properly and the cooling body is getting too hot.It is not normal for the protective [...]
We advise you to put the external filling in “rectilinear” and not in “concentric”. Then, increase the material flow (process-Extruder->extrusion multiplier). If you still have visible channels between the deposited [...]
If spots appear, there may be several reasons for this. In any case, some excess material ends up on the layer and is then “rubbed off” with each pass of [...]
If the temperature of the bed does not correspond to what it should display, it is possible that an element has failed. It is likely that the bed temperature sensor [...]
It depends a lot on what you print.Example: a material loaded with glass fiber will wear out the nozzle faster than a material loaded with carbon fiber.For PLA/PETG/ABS material, a [...]
The print head is a consumable subject to severe thermal and physical stresses, and this continuously during printing. These components, especially the nozzle and thermal barrier, can wear out very [...]
On the ULTRA you have two modes for the ventilation of the hood: 1) The automatic mode will manage the fan speed according to the ventilation and temperature needs. You [...]
If the Z-axis is only going up and not down, it is likely that your Z-limit sensor has failed or is malfunctioning.Check that the little red button on top of [...]

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