VOLUMIC, a 3D brand of French Fab

Launched in october 2017 by the government and Bpi France, French Fab‘s goal is to promote french manufacturing.

French Fab

Following the example of French Tech which has been a reel success for the promotion of french expertise in new technologies, french Fab claims its own identity aiming for the promotion of factories, offices of studies and french manufacturing.



Symbol of the French Fab, the blue rooster was born on a French 3D printer Volumic thanks to the company SODISTRA, with a Blue Ultra filament from the Volumic range.

The industry of tomorrow:

As a French brand and a French manufacturer, Volumic aims to develop the added value of 3D printing at the heart of the challenges of tomorrow’s industry and the production’s tools of the future.

Today, companies can join the French Fab for free: www.lafrenchfab.fr and by downloading the communication kit which includes, among other things, the official rooster to be printed and the material references to be ordered online.

We are rigorous enthusiasts
and uncompromising on quality.

Our printers, designed and manufactured in France,
are the most beautiful demonstration of it.

FRENCH FAB : https://www.lafrenchfab.fr

BPI FRANCE : http://www.bpifrance.fr/A-la-une/Dossiers/La-French-Fab

SODISTRA : https://www.sodistra.fr

Photo credits : © Pascal Guittet

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