Freelabster 3d prints orders in one click

Access in one click to the French community of 3D printers

Whether for professional or personal printing, Freelabster, a French startup, has been offering a unique on-demand 3D printing service for several years.

All 3D printer owners can thus maketheir own equipment profitable by offering their printing services because Freelabster takes care of everything, including secure transactions.
Many VOLUMIC 3D printers are in operation in the Freelabsters network, as their printing quality is always highly appreciated.

Endless possibilities arrive near you to print in 3D with ease and receive your order in a few days. FREELABSTER is now a modern and efficient system, present in 12 European countries, and has already shipped some 100,000 products.

For Volumic, Freelabster shares the same vision of 3D printing both in terms of product quality and services around this technology.

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