Focus material pla hi from owa 3d

Impact resistant, recycledand with a quality of finish above the lot, VOLUMIC is pleased to present its favorite on the PLA HI of ARMOR-OWA 3D

A quality filament, with a very good matte finish and moreover, resistant to shocks and impacts. A novelty to discover in the complete OWA 3D range available on request or by direct order (for some references) in our Shop section. This range is also completed by TPU-R (Flex), PS and PLA filaments, all of them coming from recycling and eco-design. Access to Owa store
ARMOR has been a historic French player in the printing industry for many years, supplying consumables and accessories. In 2015, the Armor Group created OWA, the first organized mode of guaranteed end-to-end recycling and optimization applied to laser printer cartridges. Now the group is successfully advancing research on materials for 3D printers.
Demande d’échantillons en filaments 3D

Visuel imprimé sur une Volumic Stream 20pro MK2

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