Here are the steps to follow to reassign your Simplify3d license to a new workstation: Log in to your Simplify3d customer area using your login details: https://cloud.simplify3d.com/account/login In the tab: [...]
The minimum extrusion temperature is 150°C on the Volumic, this is adjustable with the M302 instruction: – M302 alone allows extrusions of any temperature – M302 Sx allows extrusions with [...]
To print in multi resolution: to edit your printing process, go to the “Advanced” tab and check “stop printing at height”. Then enter the height for this process with the [...]
Check with your network administrator that the software can access the following port and protocol, this is imperative for the startup. HTTP/HTTPS access (for firewall and/or blacklist and secure network)cloud.simplify3d.com [...]
On ULTRA profiles, the command is in comment to activate the quick start (the complete heating of the tray is not critical for most materials, it saves quite a lot [...]
If when loading your Simplify3D scene (.factory) you get the message “the analysis of the XML file failed…” it is because the STL objects you import into Simplify3D contain special [...]
If you are on a Mac, you must download the Simplify3D application directly from the S3D website with your license ID.The SD card contains software for Windows only.Download the application [...]
We can’t find the software password.The only solution if you can’t find it is to contact Simplify3D to reset your password. It is therefore important to keep your Simplify3D login [...]
So you have to add manually the printer via the Settings MENU->Printers->add printers. Choose a generic printer in the list (or prusa like for exemple) and configure the parameters of [...]
1) Uninstall the Simplify3D software2) Delete the folder and the remaining files in “program filesSimplify3D-x.x.x”3) Delete the folder and the remaining files in “C:UsersxxxxxxAppDataLocalSimplify3D”4) Delete the entire registry key “ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARESimplify3D”5) [...]

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