Always having a complete spare head makes your maintenance easier and your printing more reliable. Our printheads are interchangeable, they allow a quick intervention: When alternating between different nozzles When [...]
If you use a steel nozzle, you must increase the temperature by 15 to 25°C depending on the case. The “nozzle temperature compensation” function saves you from changing your profiles: [...]
The nozzle is a wearing part: Average life span between 600 and 900 hours of printing depending on use. The use of filled (abrasive) material is not included in the [...]
To change the drive, here is the procedure: Remove the filament compressor by removing the 2 nuts, and completely removing the plunger with springs. Remove the drive cover with the [...]
Your print head must have a defect: either on the heating cartridges or on the wiring. This may cause the heating losses detected by the machine. Opt for a spare [...]

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