If you have Simplify3d, you can enable the quick heat before setpoint option. This is part of the accelerated start-up.The goal is to save time at the start of the [...]
If you have glass shards sticking to objects, your height zero point may be too low. This can crush the first layer, and greatly increases the adhesion of the object, [...]
These clicks along an axis are often related to a ball in the bushing coming out of alignment. This does not interfere with printing but it does make the printer [...]
The purpose of this calibration is to have a good parallelism via the position of the extruder on the plate. Incorrect calibration can result in a bad first layer print [...]
if the machine does not have the light on the bottom frame, the tray must be removed: Remove the glass plate. Unscrew the central screw of the heating plate. Remove [...]
In order to change the complete heating tray, you must: Open the electronic box on the left. Unscrew the 2 top connections of the large terminal block (bed power) and [...]

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